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21 11, 2015

The Power of Restarting

November 21st, 2015|

Restarting (aka Rebooting) is a fundamental action everyone should do. Some benefits of rebooting are:

  • Helps Your Computer Run Faster and Efficiently
    Routine rebooting will free up resources such as memory and delete temporary files used by various software. These “temp” files and consumption of other resources can cause your computer to slow down and in extreme cases even come to a complete halt. You will often find that simply rebooting your computer can cause it to run faster and with less problems.
  • Installs Updates
    A reboot will ensure that you get properly connected to PALCS servers to receive the latest updates assigned to your computer user profile. PALCS sends out regular updates. Rebooting helps ensure that students receive those updates.
  • Fixes Small Errors
    During a reboot, Windows performs various diagnostics and system checks in the background. Sometimes if you feel that your computer is simply “acting strange”, a reboot may solve the problem. In fact, rebooting can pre-emptively fix some problems before they occur.

So how often should you reboot?
Daily. Shutting down your computer at the end of the day and turning on in the morning is a good practice. However be advised that simply shutting the lid to your laptop or allowing your desktop to go to sleep is not the same as rebooting. Shutting down from the Start Menu is the best approach (see picture below).


24 09, 2015

The Best Browser at PALCS

September 24th, 2015|

Browser are a big deal at PALCS. It is how our community accesses our school, software, and services.Often a question is asked? What is the best browser to use at PALCS?
Answer: It depends.
Since we live in a world with multiple operating systems (Windows, iOS, OS X, etc.), and with multiple browsers (Firefox and Chrome), it is wise to be open to using multiple browsers when the situation fits.
For years, Firefox has been the official browser for everyone to use. However beginning in the Summer of 2014 we made Chrome available to students on school Windows computers.
Below is a rundown of when you should consider using what browser:

  • Accessing your Google Apps Account (including Drive & Mail): Chrome
  • Accessing Canvas courses: Chrome
  • Accessing Moodle courses: Firefox
  • Taking a MAP Test: Chrome

Our advice for all students is to have both browsers ready to use at any time. Switching from browser to browser is not uncommon by our staff or by our successful students.
Below is more information on our browser:




Version 40, updates are pushed by our IT staff, is accessible from the desktop.


Version 46, auto-updates on a weekly basis, available in the Software Catalog>Web Browser.

21 09, 2015

Cut down on printing with this great app!

September 21st, 2015|

CutePDF Writer is a great app for printing webpages as pdfs.

How do you use it? It basically installs a virtual printer on your computer giving you an added option when you go File>Print.




How do you install it? Go to the PALCS section of the Software Catalog. See this location illustrated below. This app is small and should install quickly.

Happy Virtual Printing!!


17 09, 2015

Did You Know About iTunes?

September 17th, 2015|

Students can install iTunes on their school computers. We present many programs to be installed on student computers from our “Software Archive.” The graphic below shows the steps of clicking on the Software Catalog shortcut on the desktop, clicking the PALCS icon, and then clicking the iTunes icon.  After that the program will install.



27 08, 2015

PALCSMail Changes: Here Comes Gmail for Students!

August 27th, 2015|

Several changes to our school’s internal electronic mail system will be launched beginning this school year.

  • Our existing student mail system is being replaced by GoogleApps for Education Mail.
    The 2014-2015 school year marked the first year students had access to Google Apps for Education at PALCS. The adoption of Google Apps by PALCS students was moderately successful. This was due in large part to the fact a key component of Google Apps for Education was missing, Mail. Last year we continued to use our long-standing internal student mail system. With the emergence of Google Apps at PALCS and in an effort to provide a mail system that is familiar and fluid, we felt it was the right time to make a change to Gmail for Students

    Important Student Email Account Info:
    Email address account names for students are unchanged from last year. They start with a student’s username and end (for example, a student named John Kreese with a school username of jkreese has the email address Student username and passwords for their mail accounts are viewable on the PALCSMail tab.
  • Home Facilitator PALCSMail addresses have been discontinued.
    Over the years, families have questioned and challenged our reliance and utilization of school-provided email addresses for parents and home facilitators. Based on this input and analysis of home facilitator mail usage statistics, we are moving to establish direct connections to home facilitator personal email addresses. We are confident this move will enhance parents’ accessibility to school related communication and also enable PALCS staff to have closer connections with our parents.

    Important Parent Contact Info:
    Parents and Home Facilitators are encouraged to review and update their contact information, including email addresses, in our […]

4 08, 2015

Tech Tune Up Week

August 4th, 2015|

Ttechtuneupbadgeech Tune Up Week is upon us. Please take a few moments to review this flyer and participate in this PALCS Tradition. Tech Tune Up Week is one of the first opportunities for students to earn badges – many more opportunities will be presented as the school year progresses.

9 07, 2015

Updates to Flash

July 9th, 2015|

Due to a recently disJ003-Content-Flash-zero-day-exploit_LKcovered vulnerability in Flash, our staff has distributed an updated to all school devices running Windows operating systems. The vulnerability is known as a “zero-day exploit” and was discovered when a controversial tech company that sells intrusion and surveillance capabilities to governments and law enforcement agencies was hacked.

The new Flash version is and was released by Adobe late afternoon on July 9. Our IT staff quickly prepared, tested, and distributed the update within an hour after it was released.

Students will receive this new update upon a successful log in to our Zenworks management environment.

19 05, 2015

PALCSMail is back!

May 19th, 2015|

PALCSMail service has been restored. We will notify our community of any planned outages to further address hardware deficiencies.

19 05, 2015

PALCSMail Outage

May 19th, 2015|

PALCSMail is currently down. The Technology Department is working to address the situation and will provide an update shortly. Students, parents, and staff should rely on Moodle Messaging while PALCSMail service is restored.

11 05, 2015

Got MAP?

May 11th, 2015|

MAP Testing season at PALCS is in full swing. We encourage everyone to make sure your computer and home environment are ready for testing this month.

There are some fantastic resources available in our How-To section

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